Considered a trailblazer in creating virtual
initiatives in the early years of the Internet,
David Lloyd has never ceased in his
exploration of the effect of virtual worlds
upon the human condition.

David's first book - As I Died Laughing -
was published in 2015.

David also writes a blog:
"Why I May Still Be Canadian",
which chronicles the reflections of a
transplanted Canadian whose adult roots
have developed in the Negev Desert in Israel.

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When Winter Wind Wears Desert Boots

(When Lolita Meets Dr. Frankenstein)

Daniel never truly remembered when he decided to write it all down. Or why. Was this to be his legacy, or simply a confession? Whatever it was, this was the only voice people would remember.

For after his stroke, a manuscript is sent by his lawyer to his daughter to be read aloud by close friends and family, from beginning until end. His self­-exposé takes them places they could never have possibly expected, as they unwillingly enter into his world of solitude and hear his desperate cry for intimacy. For Daniel's needs and desires lead him into the most dangerous territory of all ... the Pandora's box unleashed by the unknown needs and desires of another human heart.

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Book Reviews

By Lauren Ornstein on Amazon: August 14, 2015
Writer, David Lloyd, once again deviates off the well-beaten path of relationships and challenges the reader as he treads stormy virtual waters. Reality and virtuality dance a tangled tango in the protagonist's determined and daring search for intimacy. Lloyd leads us to the edge of the canyon and down into an unexplored black hole. Be prepared for an absorbing read to the end.

David provides a first-hand account of the use of deceptive ...
By Paul Montgomery on Amazon: July 30, 2015
David provides a first-hand account of the use of deceptive relationships on social media and the inevitable downward spiral when one such relationship crosses the line from fantasy to reality. A page turner!

Makes for a different and intriguing read.
By Gayle on Amazon: August 4, 2015
Desert Boots is a chilling lesson in what can happen when the human need for intimacy and meaning is unmet... and what people will put themselves through to get it. And how much potential for disaster is presented by the virtual world.... and how widely chaos will ripple on the sea of possibilities. If you want to see how this scenario plays out....without going through the chaos yourself - this is a book for you. Written with a good understanding of human nature. The author has a unique approach to his writing... based on having had a Canadian childhood but then having lived his adult years in Israel.... makes for a different and intriguing read.

(Translated from Hebrew)
At this moment, I have finished reading. Almost in one breath. Recommended.
By Chani Priel on book facebook page: July 27, 2015